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Time to paint up some Mini’s

Thats right the project shelf is almost full … and now its time to start painting some of these minis. A few of them will go to ebay.. but others will go into my mini collection and be used in upcoming games.


Cincy Con 2016 is almost here…

Thats right Cincy Con 2016 is almost here…

If you are going this year make sure to stop by Saturday and say Hi. I will be running the special Pathfinder table even ” Attack on Sandpoint” . Player’s will get to role play a goblin who’s job it is to attack the city and burn, kill and steal from the longshanks. Look for a large table full of a 3d city.. and follow the laughter



Channel Updates + Patreon

The Dark City contest has came to a finish….

That’s right the contest has came to hardest part ( judging).

I am still in the process of editing the last few pdfs… but make sure to check back in …



The Contest Begins……..

The Dark City page is updated..

That’s right as we approach the start of the campaign I have updated the dark city campaign guide..

there is now the basic guide =Dark City 1.1

the primer with background history=Dark City Primer

the alchemical item list = Dark City Alchemical Items

stay tuned the campaign will begin soon….

dragon_age_2_concept_art-wallpaper-2560x1440 (2)